Olga Olnuzola Nunnink

Born in 1987

85 86 87

Sun Gemini Moon Libra

Amsterdam Bijlmer

Visual and Energy Artist

.: How it all began :.

Olga Olnuzola is living in her current body because of the conceiving by a woman and man who are both creative and intellectual.
She has been growing up in a house in Beverwijk in Holland where the big piano of her father was a big presence in the living room.
- Where there was live music on a daily base because of her father being a musician who played saxophone, flute and piano.
- Where you could trip over paint cans, astrology books and plants because of her mother.
Where her elder brother (1972) (also a painter) let her grew up in the smell of airbrushes and other art supplies and with the sound of reggae.
And not to forget since the first sight was surrounded by cats (10 at that moment, because of two females just had 8 kittens in total).

.: What happened next :.

She got her MBO (4) Branch Manager (fashion) diploma and several certificates including, amongst others, visual merchandise.
Followed one year HBO fashion design and styling at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and decided that fashion was not the main
subject she wanted to continue focussing on. Instead she felt that expressing herself through Art was truly her path to follow.
While earning her money as assistant-shopmanager at a commercial clothingstore, she got back to her paint and brushes and
continued to develop her painting skills further. As a proud autodidact visual artist she was asked to participate in several group
exhibitions and a few solo exhibitions through the years. In jan 2012 she moved to Heesterveld Creative Community in Amsterdam
South-East where she continued developing and growing as an artist, this time in an apartment for her own where she finally had
space for her own studio. During that time she, next to painting on canvas, also started to do bodypainting,
both for personal- as commercial projects at different summer festivals.
Until now she has been continuing doing this with full passion as well as searching for the deeper things in life.

.: Interests of Olga Olnuzola Nunnink :.

:: Energy :: Growth :: Truth :: Love :: Nature ::
:: Expression ::
:: Art ::
:: Cultures :: Eclectic :: Collecting :: Sharing ::
:: Crystals :: Healing :: Plants :: Animals
:: Psychology :: Philosophy :: Anthropology ::
:: Communication ::
:: Spirituality ::
:: Astrology :: Symbolism :: Astronomy ::
:: Anima :: Animus ::
:: Africa ::
:: Ancient Worldwide Knowledge ::
:: Dualism :: Balance :: Contrast ::
:: Chakras :: Dreams :: Rituals ::
:: Rhythm :: Frequencies :: Vibrations ::

.: What her Art is about :.

All the subjects described above.
She expresses this mainly through painting with acrylic and oil paint on canvas.
However she also paints and draws on other objects. Everything is possible!
She also does bodypainting, works with fabrics and makes jewelry.
She is also interested in doing woodcraft and sculptures, basically in trying all things new when feeling like it.
The collection of work she created until now consists of portraits, impressionistic- and symbolic images and works with patterns.

.: Her goal with her Art :.

Exploring what's hidden, both in her self as in all other things.
The knowledge she finds she communicates through her art to help her self and others.
By this she wants to heal and make growth possible for the world and by doing this, giving/sharing her energy to create an utopia full of love, light and understanding.


The name Olnuzola, which she gave herself consists of 3 parts.
1. Ol - the first two letters of my sur name Olga. OL, ALL
2. Nu - the first two letters of my last name Nunnink. NU, NEW
3. Zola - a foreign name that I discovered once and loved immediately and that has several meanings:
    - in Italian: Earth
    - in Zulu: Peaceful, tranquil
    - in Congolese: Productive

As she admires all things authentic, natural and real, and find a symbol of that in 'earth' she found this name suitable to add to Olnu and create her second (artist) name Olnuzola.


Interested in her work? Feel free to email her here, to olnuzola@gmail.com





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